Monster Fish in Fort Lauderdale
Septiembre 18, 2020 Fort Lauderdale 3 Fotos

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Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here hope everyone is doing well, this weeks report is a good one with some LARGE fish we caught this week so lets get right into it, this week the trolling bite has picked up and the kingfish have been around, we have been doing best on them in the early mornings as well as late afternoons, the best baits for them have been seawitches and bonito strips trolled on planners, we also have been catching some barracuda as well as a few bonito while working the reef, as we venture offshore a little bit there has been a few blackfin and skipjack tuna around as well the key to catching them this year is fishing small lures far back behind the boat and also to find clean blue water. This week we have a great photo. of a giant and I mean giant amberjack that we recently caught on one of our deep sea fishing charters this fish was caught on a local shipwreck in 300 feet of water and weighted 76lbs, don't mind my face in the photo it was very heavy. The wreck fishing has been very good as of later for hard fighting amberjack as well as some black grouper, we tend to do best while fishing shipwrecks with live baits like blue runners and baby bonito. Night fishing has been very good as well as long as the ocean is calm and the winds are light we have been doing very well on the yellowtail snapper and mangrove snapper also, when the current has been light we have been fishing some of the shallower shipwrecks in the area catching mutton snapper, all the snapper species are great eatting and have excellent colors. This week we have some availability and would love to have you, it seems there is our first cold front of the year approaching which should get the sailfish to start biting here shortly pretty exciting if you ask me... If your in the Fort Lauderdale area and looking to do some deep sea fishing check out the YB Normal. more later... Capt. Vinnie
Vinnie Sacks
Fort-lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Weather Windows
Weather Windows
Noviembre 19, 2020
Hello everyone Capt. Vinnie here, decent report this week although not many days to get out there and fish due to the weather but I do have a report and some nice photos, lets get right into it! This week has been a windy one and rainy with heavy North East winds and rain but we did have a few days we could get out and get some fishing in, there has been some very nice mahi mahi around chasing bait in the shallow part of the reef, averaging from 10-20lbs, we have a great photo this week of a beautiful bull mahi we caught on a live ballyhoo in 40 feet of water just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. On the troll this week there has been kingfish biting in depths from 90-120 feet on seawitches and bonito strips as well as small spoons, also a few tuna out in the deeper waters as well. Sailfish should be in full force very shortly after this cold front that we have going on right now. We did do a little bit of wreck fishing this week with great success, we caught a very nice amber jack this week on a live bait fishing a ship wreck right off the coast of fort Lauderdale, there is also a nice photo as well, this week we did some deep jigging on a sunken ship wreck and caught a nice red grouper too. Night fishing report I do not have due to the wind and weather but I hope to have one soon the snappers should be biting. We have some availability this week and next so please come out fishing with us, its a great way to get out of the house and have some fun. Remember to follow us on Instagram @ybnormalsportfishing and like us on facebook. more later... Capt. Vinnie
Windy and Rainy
Windy and Rainy
Noviembre 8, 2020
Hello everyone, Capt. Vinnie here this week we have not had the best weather so I don't have that much to report but I do have some great photos from a trip that we were able to squeeze in this week, this deep sea fishing trip was a slow pitch jigging charter, slow pitch jigging is a type of jigging technique that is becoming very popular right now in America and it is definitely a fun way to fish, using strictly jigs no bait catching some excellent eating fish is what its all about, on this trip we caught some of the best eating fish in our waters off of fort Lauderdale, we started out fishing deep for some golden tilefish which we got our limit very shortly one of my favorite type of fish to catch they live in depths from 700-900 feet, also while out in the deep we caught a giant squid which is a very rare catch on a lure I was even amazed which doesn't happen as often as you may think. We continued to work the depth in search of grey tilefish which are a smaller cousin of the golden tilefish but in my option taste just as good. We would catch a few tuna along the way while fishing the depths and to end the day we would catch one of the rarest fish I think you can catch in the Fort Lauderdale are known as a yellowedge grouper, being a charter capt for many years I could count on one hand how many I have caught over the years, Also very delicious as well. The jigging trips are a cool way to catch fish out here and definitely another tool to our arsenal in order to produce fish. The weather this week is pretty bad as we have a tropical storm approaching for the next few days but seems it will calm down towards the middle of the week, we have availability this week so dont hesitate to miss out on some great fishing. Remember to follow us on instagram @Ybnormalsportfishing and like us on facebook. more later... Capt. Vinnie