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Septiembre 20, 2020 Fort Lauderdale 1 photo

Trip Summary

We had a streak of bad luck trolling after landing several bonitos one of our deep plugs got hammered by something toothy that cut the line right at sunrise than later during the last 20minutes of the trip we had another big hit trolling a deep plug that was screaming drag for about 20 seconds but as soon as we got excited the fish spit the hook! In between those two fish we did manage to get lucky finding a great deep snapper bite in about 300' of water. It's a lot of work hand cranking from that depth but worth it for the quality of fish down there.
Matthew Schenk
Fort-lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Setting off from Fort Lauderdale, All Good Charters offers both inshore and offshore fishing for all levels. The diverse waters are home to a range of species and here you’ll be able to explore them all. With Captain Matthew Schenk, you’ll be ...

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