Best of Both Harbour and Backline
Marzo 28, 2021 Durban 4 fotos

Trip Summary

Harbour 2.5 hours Backline 2.5 hours Description HARBOUR this type of fishing is very relaxed and fun filled socializing while enjoying the fishing at the same time target species Grunter, Salmon, Stumpie with some mixture of different type of fish while targeting Description Backline This is out the Harbour into the sea very fun filled lots of fish around that makes the trip exciting it is a different type of experience target species Shad, red Roman's, mackerel, Mozzies, sand fish, black tail, Stumpie Both trips is worth while and both very different types of fishing very good experience
God's Plan Fishing Charters
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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God’s Plan Fishing Charters is a promising fishing charter, based in Durban. Captain Hylton has been fishing since he was a kid. At first, he used to sell the fish he caught to make a living and worked his way up in the fishing industry. He’s ...

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