Fishing has not been good!
Agosto 10, 2021 Sewall's Point 14 fotos

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Fishing as not been good ! It has bee amazing!!! We've sort of been having a really good time fishing and touring around the lagoon, rivers, & inlet here. It has been very very warm. Water temp was as high as 88 degrees F. Day time temps in the upper ninties F. The ocean water has been around 83 & it feels cold bc of how hot it has been. We have been swimming & snorkeling in between fishing spots to cool off!! We are completely dry with in the hour & sometimes for for another dip. No over heating allowed on this boat. Seriously, it has been amazing & we have been having so much fun. Summer storms have been showing up & as long as there is no lighting we are fishing 24 hrs a day. The night fishing has been great, especially during the full moon. Full moon at night has been making the fishing slow to eat in the morning. I think the fish are full too. I meant that...I have learned a few more jokes & am working on my delivery. Bring your joke & funny stories please! Come Late August & Sept. the cool fronts will begin & the water & air temps will let the water finally cool off a bit, even more in October. In the meantime, fishing at night, there is no chance of sunburn & a huge chance at sight casting to feeding fish. When the moon is full, it is good to have light out there, However, fishing the following afternoon, dusk, & evening would be another prime time to fish. Mornings after full moons tend to be slow. Non the less, we still have a chance to have tons of fun. The fish start to get hungry in the afternoon after a full moon night and the stronger tide will prob. be at night if you monitor a tide chart. I like **hidden content** The more water that moves through the river, the more food comes through. The fish in the river may feed more actively then. That is fine. I love to fish in the evening, you just might miss dinner time though. So, plan accordingly. I plan around the change of the tide and moving water. The more the better sometimes. Most bites are strong right now. I like to fish for fun personally, However, if you want to go fishing with me I need to know which one you want to do. There are three types of fishing. Fishing for Fun which is where we go fishing for fun. Second, is fishing for food where we go fishing in hopes of catching as much as possible to bring home to either cook or have a restaurant cook. The days of filling a cooler in the river are over until further notice. However, there are some fish in the river that are edible, some not as palatable, but available for harvest such as certain Snappers like Lane, Mangrove, School Master, Cubera that live in the river. They all have to be different sizes to keep. If you want to fish for food then we have to target species specifically that are in season, large enough, & palatable. It is still fun but more of a mission not necessarily fun especially when we may have caught fish, but not enough to keep. The last way to fish is for something specific, like a fishing for a mermaid or shark or something. If you just want to catch snook even though they are not in season or try for Tarpon or Shark or something special, It is mission oriented also. I like everyone to have the best time with me. My priorities are safety first, then fun, & fishing. I want you to be able to have the chance to have the best possible experience & memories whether this charter is a gift or for yourself with family or friends. My goal is to help you have fun fishing. Right now we could not be having more fun. I am working on getting another boat together to add, so when I am down for maintenance I'm not down on helping people have fun fishing. Plus, I am looking into upgrading into a larger boat. I am hoping to be able to run offshore tours asap or carry more capacity inshore. The ocean has been amazing. It has been flat. Tarpon & Sharks are cruising the beaches. Snook are there too spawning. Lots of bait around currently. We have been getting flounder here and there and lots of sailor's choice, different Snappers, & the four kinds of Snook, not to mention a variety of other species. One day last week a Morah Eel boarded my boat ate a fish & left. The nerve! I got it on camera some so will see who has the last laugh. Other than the usual Manattee, Sea turtle, Dolphin, Shark, Spotted Eagle Ray, Rosette Spoon bill & Bob the Pelican who are usually always civil, it has been great. Water is most clear an hour or two before high tide and the first hour of the outgoing, so if you want to take a dip, plan your trip around that. Makes seeing the wildlife in the water easier. I have a mask or two, plus a dive flag if anyone wants to see what the fishes see. Sometimes it makes catching them easier when you can see where they live. We have been dodging rain lately which is normal. Sometimes we have not dodged it, but was so hot it was actually good. Overall, we have been having a blast. Take Care, Jeremy
Jeremy Neff
Sewalls-point, Florida, United States
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