Cobia Crushing Slow Trolled Live Bait
Agosto 20, 2021 Savannah 1 foto

Trip Summary

Saw two 14 ft Tiger Sharks with about ten cobia following both of them. Hooked this one and got to the boat. Later we had a big King Mackerel hooked and one of the Tiger Sharks ate it!!!! Fought the Tiger until it straightened out all the treble hooks... Epic experience. Come see for yourself!!!! Tightlines, Captain Sean
Sean Yeckley
Savannah, Georgia, United States
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Tightlines Offshore Reef Fishing welcomes you to Savannah, Georgia for an enjoyable fishing experience on its beautiful and bountiful waters. Together with Captain Sean Yeckley, you’ll search offshore grounds, reefs, as well as wrecks for many diffe...

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