Brandon, Bryan, and Evan surprise Dad Sh
Septiembre 21, 2021 North Vancouver 1 foto

Trip Summary

Brandon, Bryan, and Evan surprised their Dad Sheldon for his Birthday with a sturgeon charter today and boy did they get a work out. When this 7 footer slammed the rod, the battle was on and everyone got in on the act. After a great tilt, we successfully got it to shore and scanned it for tags and recorded the body size data for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society program and then after a few great photos, let it swim off back to fight another day. Brandon said he was "90% sure he would be back for another trip" glad to have you!
Peter Krahn
North-vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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North Vancouver’s Fraser Legends Fishing has its very own motto: "Create your own legend." What could be more legendary than catching your very own Sturgeon? Even better, you’ll be able to reach your own personal world record and hel...

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Great Sturgeon Fishing in September and
Great Sturgeon Fishing in September and
Septiembre 20, 2020
Steve and Bob went out for their first ever sturgeon trip in September. Bob, was an Afghanistan Vet who had been injured in a helicopter accident and suffered multiple injuries and cracked vertebra which had to be fused. Bob took the initiative treated his friend Steve to a day of sturgeon fishing and neither really comprehended what they were in for. Bob brought along his medals and told us what he had been through and this trip would turn out to be an important part of his healing process. Steve had only fished for smaller bass or walleye in eastern Canada and had no idea what would happen when his rod went into its first bend. I warned them both that I was not responsible for chiropractor or physio appointments after a day of sturgeon fishing.....was that ever a good thing! Bob started off the day with a few "trainer fish" and was ahead of Steve with three fish before Steve's rod began to pulse. Steve grabbed the rod and I told Bob to focus his camera on where the line was hissing out through the waters surface as that was where the breach was going to be.......They were not disappointed. Steve's fish at 6 ft 10 inches broke water not once but three classic sturgeon leaps in a row. Then Steve was in for a fight that he had not anticipated. His blood pressure was definitely rising and the sweat was rolling down his forehead, cheeks and nose but he was determined to be the only one to fight this fish. After about 30 minutes, it was Steve who finally began to prevail and the result was the great shore side photos. Both Steve and Bob did high fives and said this was their trip of a lifetime. By the end of the day they had chances at 18 sturgeon and landed 9 of them. I dropped of two very tired but happy fishermen and they plastered their Facebook pages with the adventures of the day! And now the winter season is starting up. During this time of year, I focus on sturgeon research and slightly smaller gear as we also support sturgeon research and conservation. Every trip tries to actually catch the smallest fish possible as that is the population we still need more information on. That said, fish in the 5 1/2 feet to almost 6 feet are possible, so you never know what that bobbing rod tip will end up with. Also, at this time of year, the action can actually get really good as fish are in concentrated areas. So, enjoy the time on your computer couch surfing but you could also be sturgeon fishing!