Shark Frenzy in Cabo!

September 04, 2016 by Casey Carter

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The Catch
Golden Dorado

It was a great halfday onboard Picudo! We started off blasting into the wind and waves on the Pacific side trying to catch a few dorado for dinner. We had small lures, a couple of hoochies and a ballyhoo out long and the small 30lb. setups allowed us the best chance for those early morning grabbers! Sure enough within an hour we had 3 onboard a handful of skipjack! It was time to change gears as we were getting thrashed and the folks were getting worked, so we u turned and headed out into the calmer waters to look for some marlin or sailfish. A quick switch over to the big setups had us prepared for the fatties and off we went. It was an unprodutive troll down to the 95 fathom spot and despite the cobalt blue 87 degree water we couldnt raise a fish. So with just a couple of hours left we opted to end the day closer in and, sure enough, as we closed in to the 2 mile range the port rigger went off with a hungry striped marlin with a bad attitude started wreaking havoc on the jig! Mate Gallo quickly dropped back a live bait caballito and señor marlin was all over it!! HOOK UP! The angler was in the chair laying into it when the line went slack. Yup we dumped it. Knowing that there were more fish in that area we switched over and put out 3 live bait lines in the water. Slowing to 3 knotswe started working the area trying to raise another one. Thats when it happened! A strong strike on the short bait got our attention as line was ripping off the reel! Our angler did his job and worked that fish big tiime! 20 minutes later we had a 80 lb. silky shark boatside! With the leader in hand we released that bad boy and got the lines back out. Within minutes we had another one and repeated the drill catching, and releasing that silky to fight another day!. The sharks were thick in that area and we proceeded to catch 3 more during the next hour. We exhausted our live bait ad caught the last one on a dorado belly we cut out of the morning catch! It was a shark frenzy for sure! So with sore arms and smiles on our faces we headed back to the marina and called it a day! Gotta love it! Now thats a great halfday in Cabo! Cant wait to get back out! You just know theres a fatty lurkin! Yar!!

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