Amazing Hot Bite this Morning!

September 04, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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The Catch

The bite is simply on due to the right moon and weather system that brought lots of rain and high levels of fresh water around the mouth of the river ecosystem that we have in the bay.  Lots of Tarpon biting going on.  We are blessed with two habitats here, Mangroves with river mouth system and a deep water bay which is unique of our fishing grounds, besides lots of points of interest found along the way.  Did you know that Walt Disney was inspired by the historical fortresses that are still standing here after more than 500 years ago?  Check out their Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Orlando, FL, it has a plaque right at the entrance with the name “El Morro” castle on it.  Just found that out on our two year old daughter’s first park visit.  Thank you for that Disney and we are honored.

Congratulations to father and son Team Thomas for such a great day of fishing with 7 Tarpons fought (two of them part of a double header moment) and 4 landed in their 2 hour trip).  Not bad for their first Tarpon challenge and biggest fish yet.  We are grateful for spending such a quality time together and for allowing us to serve.  May this new fishing stories be shared with friends and family for years to come.

Gracias amigos!
Capt. luis burgos
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