Friday and Sunday Fishing in California

March 22, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

Trip Info


I went out Friday with Judge and John.  Our first stop was to show them the fish in Willy’s ski school.  I couldn’t find their bedding area but saw four nice size female bass and one male swimming around in three feet of crystal clear water by a fallen tree did our best to catch them but they weren’t interested in any bait we threw out.  After spending almost an hour getting frustrated we headed to my favorite location.  We fished in two to four feet of water using Carolina rig, texas brass and glass and a top water chugger with good results.
John was throwing the chugger into very shallow water many times without any success he was ready to change his bait but decided to try one more cast and it was worth it a 5.5 pound bass hit the chugger at full speed and the fight was on.  From this point on he was hooked and his full limit of bass were caught on top water baits.  Judge was using brass and glass with senko 6” worm I told him to slither it slowly along the bottom and on the first tap you feel set the hook.  He caught a few nice bass using this method.  We had a very good day (see photos).  Judge had such a good time he joined me and Albert the next day too.

On Sunday Greely and his son Elijah went out with me for a few hours.  I went to the same spot I had fished on Friday.  Elijah was using a Carolina rig set up with a baby red and black brush hog slathered with Procure crawdad scent and he landed the first bass of the day which he successfully brought to the boat (he is eight years old).  He was so happy I gave him the brush hog and he’s dad told me he brought it to school for show and tell.  We only fished a couple of hours but had a great time.  I enjoyed watching the father and son bonding (see photo).

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