Early Spring Sturgeon are starting to wa
Marzo 10, 2023 North Vancouver 2 fotos

Trip Summary

Jake and Aaron called up spur of the moment and we got out on the water yesterday. The cold snap had dropped the water temperature to 42 F and we knew the bites would be light. However, Jake connected twice and caught his first sturgeon and the largest fish he has ever caught. However when he hooked the big one and the rod bent down and he felt his back muscles twinge he said, "I knew I was going to have to trade off the rod to Aaron" if the fight went the distance. This time the big one did a roll and the barbless hook came out. Jake and Aaron are planning to come back to renew that match up in October. From here on in the Sturgeon will be getting more aggressive as the weather and water warms and the Eulachon bait fish enter the river to spawn and the sturgeon start their spring feasting on this bait fish.
Peter Krahn
North-vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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North Vancouver’s Fraser Legends Fishing has its very own motto: "Create your own legend." What could be more legendary than catching your very own Sturgeon? Even better, you’ll be able to reach your own personal world record and hel...

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