Mike and Sarah score on Sturgeon
Abril 04, 2023 North Vancouver 6 fotos

Trip Summary

Mike and Sarah had sturgeon fishing on their bucket list and decided on a spring trip to Vancouver to check it out with Fraser Legends fishing. They had a trip of a lifetime scoring the following. Landed 16 sturgeon and a huge 12 lb bull trout. Normally you might see one of the following but they saw all these in one day, blacktail deer, black bear, river otter, seals, bald eagles and of course some muscle wrenching sturgeon.....apparently the muscles started to soften up in the evening hot tub sessions at their hotel..... They helped tag 7 new sturgeon and register the health of 8 previously tagged fish Thanks for coming out Mike and Sarah.....see you again soon!
Peter Krahn
North-vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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North Vancouver’s Fraser Legends Fishing has its very own motto: "Create your own legend." What could be more legendary than catching your very own Sturgeon? Even better, you’ll be able to reach your own personal world record and hel...

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