Half Day Nearshore Fishing Report

January 17, 2017 by Ted Gibson

Trip Info

The Catch

I’m not sure where to start this one…I thought I was going to go out there and slay a pile of Sheepshead today!  I swear we caught 12 different species of fish: Toadfish, Soap Fish, Lizardfish, White Grunts, Spot Tail Grunts, Mangrove Snapper (Small Ones), Gag Grouper (Also Small Ones), Nurse Shark, Pork Fish, Spanish Mackerel (Just One), Sheepshead (One about 15”), and a couple I couldn’t identify!  I fished a ledge and some live bottom less than 35’ deep the entire trip. Fished on Anchor and Drifted.  Tried Pilchards, Shrimp, Cut Bait, Free Lining Pilchards, and had a big bait out for a shark…but it was a little slow as far as big bites.  There was a lot of action just nothing crazy big today. I moved the boat several times and tried different spots, but couldn’t get into any hogs.  On the way out we ran some crab buoys and did see a nice tripletail (over 20”), but couldn’t get him to eat and he eventually spooked.

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